Friday, 29 September 2017

Miss T's Treasure Island

One windy day there were four people on an island. They saw the rainbow at the end of sky. They sat on the sands by the sea and read their books because they needed to know how to make a house using wood and nails and something to make the little house. A place to sleep, cook and do anything they wanted to do. One lady saw one blue boat. It had four life jackets in the blue boat so they could go somewhere to play. They saw the black bag behind the coconut tree. One man was not scared so the man went to see what was in the black bag. There were four bags. He opened one bag and it was full of gold!! The man opened the second and third bags. There were many things in the bag to make the little house. He opened the last one. It had lots of food! They made the house in the tree so they could stay in the tree. They found rope on the sea so they climbed up to the house in the tree. When they were old they went in the blue boat. They sat in the blue boat. Before they went they took the gold and food from the black bag and they took some coconut to drink the coconut water! They went to another island to see what happened at another island!

Written by: Miss T
Our fabulous ten year old bi-cultural speedy learner of English

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