Friday, 29 September 2017

Adventure Story

Adventure story

I looked out the window of the plane. We had just set off from France, and we were moving towards Rome. I fell asleep. Two hours passed while I was asleep. I slept all the way past Rome! But I faintly saw Italy so that was ok. I’m not going to sleep again EVER. I stared at
Delia. Is there ANYTHING else to do?  I don’t know. I stared out the window. I saw the Mediterranean sea, and the rocky beaches of Greece. It was a bit strange on the plane. Two more hours passed, and we were going to land in Greece for the night. Then we would head off into Saudi Arabia. We were going to New Zealand to pick up Dorian, our slightly annoying cousin.

We arrived at Greece. We were going to go stay with Uncle Jordein for the night. He drove us toward his hotel “I wish I could speak Greek.” Kay moaned “Nobody cares. You already speak French, Spanish, Maori, and English” Delia said. Kay loved to annoy people. It was like his hobby.

It was the day we were going to Saudi Arabia. I packed my stuff quickly and got dressed, since I wake up at the crack of dawn. “You’re up early.” mumbled Kay. He wasn’t impressed. As they got ready, she was eating breakfast. Then soon, they set off. They drove towards the airport. They arrived, and her and Delia immediately jumped out of the car “Goodbye girls.” Smiled Uncle Jordan. Delia and I ran towards the airport. As we got inside, me and Delia wandered through the airport to our plane.

About halfway throughout the flight I got pretty bored of the tablet stuck to the chair in front of me. I looked out the plane window. All I saw was the ocean. It was pretty boring anyway.

Soon, we arrived at Saudi Arabia. Today we were going to Singapore. Then New Zealand.
Boarding the plane was always strange. When I sat down, there was a notice saying to buckle
your seatbelt.

On the plane to Singapore, they were offering food. I was thinking about the person who was taking care of us. It was Aunt Jaune, I don’t know how she is related to us though.

At Singapore she was waiting. She had our tickets. I got them as we prepared for the flight to New Zealand. We got on the plane.

I gazed out, contently, until I saw something. That’s strange. Hmm… it’s moving… away? Then
I realised everyone was looking at it. What is it? I wonder… everyone looked away. Three more hours… Three hours had passed, and we had arrived at our destination.
Kia ora, welcome to New Zealand!” The speaker boomed.
“They speak marry here.”
“Whatever.” I muttered. Delia and I are French, but she can speak Maori. How?
Dorian, our cousin was waiting. “Hi. I waited so long.” He said.
“Hi” said Delia. We walked through the airport. We were going to the next plane to Russia.
I walked with Dorian and Delia through the airport. “Please can passengers on the plane to Russia go to stairs 2? Thank you.”

I sat down. An Air New Zealand ad was playing. I looked around. Seagulls in the distance.... And that thing.
The thing disappeared.
As we arrived, I  saw a lot of Russia. “Please make sure your seat belt is tightened” The speaker blasted. The plane tipped as it got ready to land. It glided toward toward the ground.
The plane shook and rumbled at the impact. “Russia is so big!” Dorian exclaimed. “Well what else did you expect?” I snapped. We walked through the airport, Where mum and dad were waiting.
“Enjoy your trip?”

Written by Y4 Miss A - Amazing Author Extraordinaire

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