Friday, 29 September 2017

Foraging in the Forest

The Sun was shining through the holes of my hut I was so tired from yesterday because I spent all day hunting. Every time I go hunting I get this strange feeling like someone is watching me but I don’t really take any notice of it. I got ready and grabbed my lucky bow. A year ago I had used this bow to save my dad from a fire. He sadly passed away two months after the incident. A few months later my mum got attacked by a bear and died as well. I went hunting for a day but this time I was very unlucky. A very vicious bear destroyed my bow with its claws I had to kill it with a arrow. I quickly ran back to my shelter and without noticing the bear scratched me on the chest I grabbed a cloth a quickly cleaned it the blood stopped coming out I wrapped the cloth around my chest so I didn’t have to hold it. I was mad because this was gonna interfere with the adventure I was planning but it didn’t stop me. Since my bow broke I made a couple of spears to defend myself on the journey. After making them I got ready and went out to see what this forest actually holds.

Written by Mr L in room 9.

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