Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Digital Ignition Lesson 3

Thursday 24 May

Today we had another task to finish. We learned about how the environment is hurting the coral reefs around the world. We saw how some of the coral is getting bleached from the sun and dying. The coral reefs are special because they protect small fish and sea life from bigger predators. We saw how one company has created coral using 3D printers to put on the bottom of the ocean. The small fish and sea life make this their homes. We have the technology to help some things that humans have ruined. 

Digital Ignition Lesson 2

Wednesday 23 May
Today in our groups we had to plan together to make  a shoe. The shoe had to be for used for a particular reason like working in a workshop or playing sport. We also had to think about the design. The people who were going to use the shoe, if it was a boy or a girl. 
After we drew our design we then used the iPads to create an alien using a design tool. We had to start with a shape like a 3D sphere and add arms and legs. Sometimes it was hard to move the shape where we wanted it to go. Some of us worked really well together and solved our own problems. The best thing was looking at the alien shapes that had already been made using a 3D printer. The printer uses recycled plastic and we are learning that 3D printers can make many things and this will help us in the future because we will be able to make what we need ourselves and we won't need to buy them or have them transported. 

Thursday, 17 May 2018

Digital Ignition lesson 1

Room 9 Literacy class started our day in the library learning about Digital Ignition. We watched a short video about Steve who has a small shed in his backyard. He makes arms using a 3D printer for people who have had their limbs amputated. He doesn't charge much for people to get a working arm. 
Next we got into groups and our challenge was to build the tallest tower using 10 ice block sticks and some blue tac. 

We learned that we need to plan what to do before we start. It's easy to make something but if we plan really well first, use good communication and think about problems while we build, we are successful. 

We also tried to pick ice block sticks up from the floor using an arm that is tucked inside our sleeve. We found out this is what it's like for someone who has lost an arm. It was really hard. 

Sunday, 18 March 2018

Girls Futsal

This week the girls futsal team went to English Park to take part in Mainland Football's give it a go day. The girls played 6 games and won 5 of them. Shakaia, Isabel, Nesian, Shalani and Peyton all scored lots of goals.

At the end of the day coaches had to select one player to take part in the players V staff game. Shakaia was chosen. She received a white ferns t-shirt as a prize. 

Our team was also selected as the Fair Play Team of the tournament. Which was amazing as there were 25 teams on the day. Every player was given a football to keep as the Fair Play prize.

It was a fantastic day.

Special thanks to Amy and Maddie for helping to make the day happen.

Friday, 9 February 2018

Cycle Safety

We have a fantastic week!
The highlight for the Year 6 students has been working with the 
Christchurch City Cycle Safety 

Next week we look forward to futsal, surfing and swimming lessons. 

Thursday, 7 December 2017

A little bit of fun

Room 9 had a great morning helping out in room 3. We joined the new entrants class and some of us helped out by moving all the furniture and lots of boxes over to their new room. We used trolleys, we used our muscles and we used our brains to move the big stuff, the heavy stuff and the little easy stuff. While some of us were movers, the rest of us were the crew hanging out with choosing time and meeting new Bishopdale School kids. While we played we were talking and listening to each other, we were asking questions and answering questions. We were loved it! The best part was having a play all together on the playground before morning tea.
This is some of us hanging out in the old block before the renovations start soon. Yay!