Thursday, 17 May 2018

Digital Ignition lesson 1

Room 9 Literacy class started our day in the library learning about Digital Ignition. We watched a short video about Steve who has a small shed in his backyard. He makes arms using a 3D printer for people who have had their limbs amputated. He doesn't charge much for people to get a working arm. 
Next we got into groups and our challenge was to build the tallest tower using 10 ice block sticks and some blue tac. 

We learned that we need to plan what to do before we start. It's easy to make something but if we plan really well first, use good communication and think about problems while we build, we are successful. 

We also tried to pick ice block sticks up from the floor using an arm that is tucked inside our sleeve. We found out this is what it's like for someone who has lost an arm. It was really hard. 

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