Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Rutherford's Den

Today we had Rutherford's Den come to school for a lesson on atoms, electricity, gravity and facts and information about Lord Rutherford. Some of the facts were, gravity was discovered by a man who was sitting under a tree had an apple fall on his head. He wondered why it fell so started investigating and experimenting. His name was Isaac Newton and he was knighted in 1705 and became Sir Isaac Newton.
We also found that Lord Rutherford was the fourth child and he had 11 brothers and sisters. He was knighted in the New Years list in 1914 and became Sir Ernest Rutherford. He then became a Lord in 1931 and was named Ernest Lord Rutherford of Nelson.

We had four tables set up in the hall.
The gravity table had different size and weights of balls dropping into a bowl of sand. The cricket ball and the golf ball made a bigger crater than the ping pong ball.
The electricity table we rubbed balloons on carpet and then on our hair to see static electricity. We also rubbed rulers and straws on the mat to conduct static electricity. We used the brain box to experiment with making the light bulb light.
The atom table we created an atom using clear pipe, pipe cleaners and a polystyrene ball. We got to take those home.
The other table was set up to read facts about Lord Rutherford and to do a crayon rubbing of the Nobel Medal.

We want to say a big 'Thank You' to Margot and Libby from Rutherford's Den at the Arts Centre for coming to Bishopdale.

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  1. Hi Bishopdale students
    We really enjoyed teaching you this week and hope you picked up some new information about Lord Ernest Rutherford and his science.Keep up the great work and we might see you as a High School student in the future. All the best- Margot & Libby(Rutherford Den teachers)